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GRACO – Fresno Corporate Video

  • Graco approached Blare Media with the goal of creating an industrial video that showcases their new vapor abrasive blast equipment technology to potential clients and trade show attendees. To bring this vision to life, cinematographer Mauricio Tapia shot the video at Gallo Winery, where he captured the fascinating process inside one of their tanks.
    During the shoot, Mauricio enjoyed exploring different angles and techniques to highlight the water-based machine blasting process. He focused on capturing the vapor abrasive blast equipment’s intricacies and its impact on the winery’s operations. By carefully selecting shots and compositions, Mauricio aimed to convey the efficiency and effectiveness of Graco’s technology. It’s a pretty incredible technology. After capturing all the necessary footage, Mauricio took on the task of editing, coloring and sound mixing the video. The result was a video that both Graco and Blare Media were proud to share.

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