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  • Istvan Kovacs As a photography enthusiast from Budapest, Hungary, I have been wondering for years which are the best spots to take pictures in the city. It has been an adventure to uncover most of them and I believe it would be quite difficult for someone who is not living here to discover the hidden gems. The city has many architectural wonders that can be perfect for any artistic project, starting from the Parliament which is known by everyone and Buda's Castle. I would personally recommend capturing the views from Gellért-Hill or the Széchenyi Chain Bridge. #PhotographerInBudapest #Photographer #Artist #BestPhotographySpotsInBudapest #Suggestion #Advice
    Aug 11

  • Kim Welch Working on the network early AM this morning
    December 18, 2019

  • wornlimtv website link= i am a non commercial educational purposes creative retired person with a mixed media output, which hopefully inspires others to be creative and in doing so help to develop( individual awareness through creative expression)
    Aug 11