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Register Now for the Litepanels Sola / Inca 12 Roadshow

  • Litepanels Sola 12 & Inca 12 Roadshow

    Litepanels is coming to city near you to show the next big thing in professional LED lighting.

    The classic Fresnel has long been the staple of film and television lighting design. In keeping with that legacy, Litepanels has reimagined the Fresnel from the ground up to create the most expansive and powerful line-up of LED fixtures in the industry. The unique benefits of this design will be discussed in detail and the entire LED Fresnel line-up will be available in a hands-on display, fronted by the new flagship the Sola 12 and Inca 12. Due to limited space, please RSVP today.

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    * Nov 1st Whites Digital, Vancouver

    * Nov 5th Rule, Boston

    * Nov 7th Barbizon, DC

    * Nov 14th Midtown Video, Miami

    * Nov 18th Abel Cine, LA

    * Nov 25th Abel Cine, NY

    * Nov 26th Whites Digital, Toronto

    Come join us and experience this exciting Sola and Inca range first hand, and learn innovative LED lighting techniques that will help your productions shine by an experienced gaffer, Pat Grosswendt. Pat Grosswendt is an experienced lighting director of numerous Hollywood television series and feature films. Among his many accomplishments, he is a co-founder of Litepanels, a Vitec Group brand which pioneered professional LED full spectrum lighting devices. Pat brings a wealth of hands-on lighting experience and remains a member in good standings of Hollywood, CA based IATSE Local 728 Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians Union as a 32 year member. To read more about Pat's many accomplishments in the TV and Film industry click here.

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