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    Live Webinar

    Directing Cinematic Vision

    Focal Lengths, Depth, and Lens Strategies Decoded for Filmmakers

    Led by Shane Stanley, Multi-Emmy\u00ae Award-Winning Filmmaker

    In this immersive webinar tailored for directors, filmmakers, and enthusiasts alike, delve into the pivotal elements that shape cinematic storytelling. From understanding the nuances of focal lengths and their impact on framing character dynamics to harnessing aperture settings for evocative depth, participants will gain invaluable insights. Navigate the strategic art of lens selection, ensuring each shot aligns seamlessly with narrative intent, mood, and thematic elements. Led by award-winning filmmaker Shane Stanley, this session bridges technical know-how with directorial vision, empowering attendees to craft compelling cinematic experiences. Join us to elevate your directorial and visual storytelling skills.

    Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2024, 10am to 11:15am PST

    Time: 10:00am to 11:15am PST (California time)

    Duration: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes

    Location: Virtual Online via Zoom

    Fee: $39.00

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    Webinar Feedback and Testimonials

    “Always AMAZING and informative. I’m still blown away by the amount of information Shane shares with us. A huge thank you to him and to Student Filmmakers for making this happen! BRAVO!!!”

    -Valued Attendee Feedback

    “I really love these Student Filmmakers presentations.”

    -Valued Attendee Feedback

    “Thank you, Mr. Stanley and entire Student Filmmaker team. Great knowledge sharing place.”

    -Valued Attendee Feedback

    “Shane is amazing! Thank you! Looking forward to being a part of Student Filmmakers!”

    -Valued Attendee Feedback

    “Very raw and real advice.”

    -Valued Attendee Feedback

    “These webinars are uplifting and help to build community among filmmakers. It’s wonderful to take part in them and to have access to those with experience willing to share their knowledge and bring people up with them. Thank you so much.”

    -Valued Attendee Feedback
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Directing Cinematic Vision - with Shane Stanley


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