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  • Join renowned Director and Director of Photography Thomas Ackerman, ASC, for an exclusive live webinar focused on mastering set politics and actor collaboration. Scheduled for Saturday, May 20, 2023, from 11:30am to 1pm PST (2:30pm to 4pm EST), this interactive session offers a unique opportunity to learn valuable insights and practical advice from an esteemed veteran in the motion picture industry. Discover the importance of strong imagery, handling the demands of the job, and navigating the challenges of working on a film set. Gain a deeper understanding of fostering successful collaborations with actors and other crew members, all while leveraging the combined qualities of an artist and an athlete. Enhance your filmmaking skills through this invaluable learning experience, which includes an interactive Q&A session where you can ask Tom your questions directly. Pre-registration is required for this highly anticipated event, hosted by Student Filmmakers Magazine and sponsored by HD Pro Guide Magazine and Sports Video Tech Magazine. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from an accomplished and respected professional, empowering you to elevate your filmmaking career.

    Webinar Schedule
    Live Webinar
    Behind the Camera:
    Mastering Set Politics and Actor Collaboration
    With Renowned Director and Director of Photography Thomas Ackerman ASC

    Date: Saturday, May 20, 2023
    Time: 11:30am PST to 1pm, PST (California Time) / 2:30pm EST to 4pm EST (New York Time)
    Location: Live Online via Zoom
    Cost: TBA.
    Registration: Pre-registration required. Sign up for membership to be notified.
    Understanding Set Dynamics:
    Learn the intricacies of set politics, focusing on effective communication, fostering a positive work environment, and navigating various personalities on a film set.

    Building Collaborative Relationships:
    Discover strategies for establishing strong working relationships with actors, crew members, and other professionals to ensure a smooth and efficient production process.

    Interactive Q&A Session:
    Engage in a dynamic Q&A session, offering participants the opportunity to ask Tom questions directly and gain personalized insights into the world of filmmaking.

    This curriculum is designed to provide a well-rounded learning experience, empowering aspiring filmmakers to enhance their skills, build meaningful collaborations, and excel in their careers.

    About the Speaker

    With over fifty years of experience in motion picture creation, Thomas Ackerman, ASC is a seasoned cinematographer and educator. His approach to teaching is built on a solid foundation of practical experience, emphasizing the importance of strong imagery and the ability to handle the demands of the job. He believes in nurturing a split personality in his students, combining the qualities of an artist and an athlete, to bring both vision and leadership to their work.

    Mr. Ackerman’s diverse filmography has been instrumental in shaping his expertise. His background includes military filmmaking, documentaries for Charles Guggenheim, co-founding a successful Hollywood production company, shooting music videos during the dawn of MTV, hundreds of commercials as a cameraman and director, and serving as the Director of Photography for 38 motion pictures. This impressive body of work has contributed to nearly $3 billion in worldwide gross, a testament to the potential for a rewarding life in the picture trade.

    Some of Tom’s credentials include 50 years in motion picture creation, with 47 of those as a Director and Director of Photography. His career has taken him from the University of Iowa Motion Picture Unit to the US Air Force, Guggenheim Productions, Robe/Ackerman, Inc., and finally, to teaching at UNCSA’s School of Filmmaking since 2009.

    Among his career highlights, Tom has had the privilege of working with multi-Oscar-winning documentarian Charles Guggenheim, as well as serving as the Director of Photography for iconic films such as “Beetlejuice” (1988), “Christmas Vacation” (1989), “Jumanji” (1996), and “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” (2004).

    Tom’s work has garnered numerous awards and recognitions, including CINE Golden Eagles for “The Oceans: Source of Life” (1978) and “The Computer: A Universal Tool” (1979), First Prize in the Documentary category at ECOFEST for “The Oceans: Source of Life” (1977), and the Award of Excellence from the Detroit Creative Director’s Council for a Chevrolet Truck Spot in 1990.

    He is an active member of several prestigious organizations, such as the American Society of Cinematographers, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, International Photographers Guild Local 600, and Directors Guild of America. Through his extensive experience and commitment to the craft, Tom continues to inspire and educate the next generation of filmmakers.
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Mastering Set Politics and Actor Collaboration


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